Peer Review Process

All manuscript submiited to the editorial staff will be selected through Initial Review processes by Editorial Board. Then, the manuscript will be reviewed by Mitra Bebestari and will be selected by Double Blind Review Process. After that, the selected manuscript will be sent back to the authors to revise within one month. In each manuscript, Mitra Bebestari is going to rate the substantial and technical aspects. Mitra Bebestari, the Dharma Pendidikan collaborator, is an expert in the public administration area and issues around it. They were experienced in the prestigious journal management and publication nationally and internationally
All submitted manuscripts or articles are read by editorial staff. Those Manuscripts are also evaluated by editors on its appropriateness to journal criteria. The manuscripts can be rejected promptly without any external review. Manuscript that is potential interest to our reader are sent to double blind reviewers. The editors then make a decision based on the reviewer's recommendation from among several possibilities: rejected, revision required, or accepted.
The editor has the right to decide which manuscripts submitted to the journal should be published.
Review Process:
1. Author submit the manuscript
2. Editor Evaluation (some manuscripts may be rejected or returned before the review process)
3. Double blind peer review process
4. Editor Decision Processes
5. Confirmation to the author